• Hi ImaginationRules, and welcome back to the wiki! :)

    While you were gone, it had occurred to me that it could be really cool for Earth (Continuum 1) to be connected to my Dual-Vortex Realm (specifically, the DVR's Heaven) via some long Corridor (long in order to allow more small Realms to be placed in-between your Realm and mine, i.e. lacing around the corridor). This connection between the DVR and Continuum 1 could help generally bind the Holy aspect of Continuum 1's connection (Divinium, etc.) to its connection to my realms, which could make for interesting tie-ins. However, as the Continuum 1 realm is yours, I didn't want to simply implement the change without getting your permission to do so first. Do you think that it would be a good idea to connect these Realms this way? (If not, please let me know why so we can see if there's anything to work out or plan for the future.)


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    • Go ahead.

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    • I don't care. I need a heaven, but I'll make a heaven for the believers in my realms.

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    • OK, I'm not exactly sure if we're both on the same page here, so let me explain what I was thinking that was the background for all this.

      If I recall correctly, we both had a conversation some months ago where we were talking about connecting one of your Realms (I think Earth (Continuum 1)) to an as-yet undecided one of mine, and you'd stated that the corridor from your Realm whatever Realm yours was connected to would have to have a door on each end that could only be opened by Divinium or a similar holy reagent of some variety.

      That was what I was going by when I suggested all this. If that's not what you were thinking, please let me know. If it is, I'd like if you could try to explain what it is that you want me to do or not do with all this, because I'm having a hard time figuring out if you're fine with my plan, if you're grudgingly accepting, or something entirely different.

      Thanks in advance if you get back to me on this!

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    • If I say yes, it's yes. I'm actually curious on how this will turn out.

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    • And thanks for telling me in advance. It was my plan to ask you the same question you're asking me now!

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    • All right, cool! :D

      I'll update the Dual-Vortex Realm page and the Realm-Mesh Reality map accordingly when I can.

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