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The following manuscript relates where a set of three realms once came from. It does not explain the specifics of these realms, as that is a story to be told in time by other works. Those works may be revealed in time, but this work will not delve into those others.

Before the year 0 in Amaranth City's reckoning—a system that would later become the system of these three realms as well—there were, among other realms, a trio of empty realms, with naught but one god for each of the three realms. Each realm's god, after which the realm was named—Seltherenn, Induran, and Alaron—would speak to the others via projections that they would create to relay their messages, messengers who would then walk through the corridors under no magical power to speak to the other gods.

The three had hoped to agree on a clear purpose for their realms, but could never seem to reach an agreement. While Seltherenn always had a cynical view of the world at large and wished for the gods to create pain to further the world's development through hard retaliation, Induran instead wanted to nurture a world where all could carefully learn by her hand, and Alaron mediated between the two. While Alaron did want far more than the others to create life as soon as it would be feasible to do so, Alaron held back for one reason: that Alaron knew deeply, in a way that Seltherenn and Induran did not, that the three gods were not omnipotent, and, most of all, were not omniscient. Thus, Alaron knew that the three gods' creations would be flawed, and so they must needs wait until they could be wise enough to make flawless creations, a time that would only come in the far future. And so the threesome waited, talked, and dreamt of what was to come when they would, at last, find an answer.

This day of wisdom never came. In the year 0, word came to Alaron that Alaron's adjacent realm had recently come into contact with the previously-isolated Amaranth City. Shortly afterwards, Alaron heard that Amaranth City had come into contact with yet another realm. These two pieces of news struck Alaron with an epiphany: though the three would never be wise enough to create something infallible, the world was expanding in such a way that, should Alaron make mistakes, Alaron's mistakes would be corrected by the gods or the people of other worlds, and so the day of wisdom that Alaron long sought would never need to come in Alaron's point of view. Elated, the god Alaron then began to create the beings who would populate its realm.

This did not bode well with Seltherenn and Induran. Angered that Alaron had suddenly begun a project that the three had not yet agreed would begin, Seltherenn and Induran sealed off the entrances to the corridors of their realms and slowed time within their realms in order to give themselves time to think, telling Alaron and each other that they would open their corridors when they deemed themselves ready to unleash their worlds upon the rest of existence.

Seltherenn and Induran still had slight contact with each other, however. Keeping open the corridors to their connected realms, the two arrived at the same conclusion: that life certainly should be made, and that the day would never come when they were wise enough to create their realms unless they were to first create their realms, thus providing a paradox. As such, they arrived at a conclusion: each would create life in their own realm, and the two gods would open the entrances to their realms at a certain time, a time when they would both make sure that their realms were ready to be known. However, their quarrels on what should populate their realms were more bitter than ever now that the mediator, Alaron, was separated from them, leading the two to close off the entrances to their shared corridor as well, leaving them alone to think on what to create in their own realms.

For this reason, each of the three gods in their isolation created the workings of a realm, but of a realm bearing only a passing resemblance to any of the other three. Seltherenn made a realm of darkness and death, saying that only the pain of the realm would give him or any of its inhabitants more knowledge, while Induran took the opposite approach and created a realm of prosperity and life, saying that the development of the realm and its denizens, living in peace and happiness, would be the ultimate guide to knowledge. And while Seltherenn and Induran created their own, single-hued worlds, Alaron created no fewer than six types of life and themes of being, wanting nothing more than to be a part of the nearby network of realms that was beginning to take its shape in Alaron's eyes.

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