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"My poor, poor Svetlana, such a beautiful husky, died young and in pain, bringing forth life and in return giving its own. Now she sits on my hairpin to look over me, as I turned its ashes I made in by cremating it in my mother's blast furnace into the diamond that sits on my hairpin. I only began to cry when I realized the puppies had no mother, and thank God that my friend had her own beautiful husky to raise them, because, without a mother to give them love and milk, they would've been turned into diamonds too, and that's when I'd truly weep." - Sophia to William after he asked about her hairpin.

Sophia Matteo-Dawn is a girl who descends from a half-angel, half Nyx mortal with Asperger's named Gabriel Matteo and a normal human named Irene Dawn.

Heavenly essence flows through her veins, mixed with the blood of a Nyx Dominion. Her humanity is questionable, as her heritage is of a weird mixture of an angel, a Nyx, and a human, usually being called things that make her feel out of place in the world.

Her Past[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

She doesn't remember much. All she knows is that her father was a disturbed man, really sick in the head, but trying his best, his mental illness helping him to understand that she was horribly disturbed like he was. Her mother didn't know better. Her frustration at Sophia's heightened needs drew her to hate her own flesh and blood, wishing that Sophia was normal, wanting to cure her speech impairment and social phobia. Irene's hate for her own daughter began to fade once she took her to get the proper therapies for her daughter, as her improvement made Irene finally feel like she had a normal daughter, albeit with eccentricities that she was okay with.

She'd also have her husky die after giving birth to 3 puppies, the diamond on her hairpin made from the ashes of the poor mother who died in childbirth. She kept one puppy and named it Svetlana II in honor of this. She'd find her other puppies in an adoption center and then got them all back, giving one to her friend, and another was given to a person named Isabella Lugo, the mother of William.

Losing Her Hairpin[edit | edit source]

Sophia would come to meet William. He was stricken with jealousy as she'd come along and make all the eyes on him turn onto her. She didn't expect to be popular, but when you have the looks of an angel and have an artistry that is passed down from a bloodline of geniuses from her father's side, she was given no choice. She'd get to know William's name, but not much else.

She'd have her hairpin swiped by him while she wasn't looking, and she'd panic and cry as she felt like she lost Svetlana, her husky, once again. She'd spiral into a mournful depression, becoming miserable over losing what basically a memory of something she loved. What was her popularity slowly decayed as her actions became more neurotic and strange due to having her mind warped from losing her hairpin, but still she was, people are so shallow! She'd wait and wait for someone to return her hairpin, swearing that whoever stole her hairpin, if it is not returned and she finds out the culprit, she'll rip off their arms and make their head into a bloody brain marmalade. Her impatience would slowly increase as it was days since she had it swiped, which she couldn't bear any longer.

Her Hairpin Is Returned[edit | edit source]

A regretful William would return her hairpin after a couple of days. She'd feel like her soul was put together again, which would make her light up like a quasar in joy. She'd hop up and down, up and down like an excited child going to see an absolutely jolly and joyful mall Santa for the first time, thanking him over and over for returning her precious hairpin. She'd then think about walking off, but then she put two and two together and realized it was William that stole it. Guess the thief had a change of heart and decided to return the stolen item to her.

She'd cry tears of joy that the thief returned what remained of her husky and with a smile to boot, inviting him over for Christmas as she had room, knew his mother, and had a lot of money left to spend, her father is a rich man after all. What a noble thing to right your wrongs, she thought, and she had to give some kind of reward to this quite handsome guy. She'd hug him to congratulate him because she was so overcome with joy and thankfulness, really making sure he felt that hug. After hugging him, she joked about being careful not to get caught under the mistletoe at her house before winking at him as she knew what she was implying. William would pick up on this and then walk off with a dumb grin on his face and she'd walk off with a scheming smile, hoping what she joked about happens.

The Christmas Time Experience[edit | edit source]

To Be Written...

Personality And Appearance[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

She's disturbed like her father, but to a degree more bent to calmness and tranquility rather than a protective instinct carried to its logical extremes. Also, this corrupted mind would cause her to be really odd and deviant, both things she's come to terms with and even embraces.

She's uncomfortably calm in situations where most would run, cry, scream, or vomit, like when her husky died after giving birth, its poor eyes frozen in a state of pain and sadness. She'd simply pick up the dead body and then stick it in an oversized crucible to be turned to ashes in her mother's oversized blast furnace. Luckily the other husky Gabriel had for retrieval was female, and so it raised the puppies of its sister as its own.

Also, she has absurd, bizarre ways of remembering the dead that she inherited from her father, like the diamonds on her earrings she wears coming from the ashes of her great-grandfather and the diamond she has on the crucifix-shaped hairpin coming from the ashes of her husky, which she misses both dearly, but doesn't feel sad for. Her father's strange, overly rational ways of mourning the dead caught onto Sophia. The comfort that his ways of mourning bring was enticing.

Aside from her more unsettling qualities, she's quite pleasant and sweet, hiding a mind with the strength worthy of being in Ms. Olympia, with resistance to psychological attacks built up from her battles with depression and anxiety, both of which she's proven to defeat time and time again. She's also very humble, albeit with a passive-aggressive pride, as she is proud of all the things she's accomplished but tries to seem humble to impress people.

She's also a master of charming, exploiting one's weaknesses, manipulation, and getting through to people. When she's angry at someone, she'll make them fold like a master origamist folds origami paper to whatever shape she wants, something she directly got from seeing how Gabriel conditions young employees into behaving properly as an executive at an extremely strange company and then imitating it. She's better than her dad at certain tricks, like planting seeds of any emotion she wants for the person to feel, be it positive or negative.

Sophia treasures her hairpin and earrings to the point of going into a mournful depression if they get lost or are stolen. They are what is left of her dead grandpa and dog, and if she finds out who it is that stole it if they choose not to return it or before they do, she'll rip their limbs off and crush their head from how much rage she'd have over having what is left of her dead husky and grandpa ripped from her. She loved both very much and to lose them is to lose a part of her soul.

She'll also become unusually joyful and excited if she is given her jewelry back. To have parts of her soul back is a joyful experience for anyone, Sophia more so.

She's quite adept at socializing, but she hates people because how shallow they can be, not afraid to play games with people less intelligent than her for her own amusement. She gets a kick from the feelings of superiority that comes from making the less intelligent ascend in wisdom, something that her once shallow, idiotic friend Alexis Matchson benefited from greatly.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Normal Form[edit | edit source]

When Sophia is in her normal form, she's a very comely, quite defined young girl whose hair white like silk. She has green irises that react to happiness, from a depressing grey when she's in deep depression to a vibrant gleam like an emerald mirror when she is extremely happy. She also bears a crucifix-shaped birthmark that covers her back, which she tries to hide, but sometimes can't, especially when she wears certain clothes.

She's also mildly toned, like, if she only lifted 30 pounds.

Her usual clothes are jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers, along with sunglasses to hide her shiny eyes from people. At school, she's usually unable to hide her shiny eyes, which helps her make friends, as her eyes attract attention.

She also wears jewelry that comes from the ashes of her grandpa and her dead husky. They're diamonds on her earrings and on her hairpin.

Angelic Form[edit | edit source]

She is near-invulnerable, only weak to the psionic ability Voltaic Burst and a Psibreaker blade. She can be forced out of this form if she is injured severely.

She has glowing yellow eyes, a white robe, and etheric wings.

Superpowers[edit | edit source]

Superhuman Feats[edit | edit source]

She's immensely strong due to being quarter-angel. She can lift up to 7,777 lbs. if she's really angry or trying to impress someone, like boiling blood angry, but she usually can only lift about 250.

Angelic Powers[edit | edit source]

Her angelic powers include Angel Form, the ability to summon etheric wings, being able to blast people back using shockwaves and her wings, the ability to fly freely, super strength, the ability to dash, super speed, and immunity from falling.

If she falls down a great height, she'll slam down on the ground relative to her velocity.

Fun Facts[edit | edit source]

  • Sophia's ancestry is a reference to the Nephilim as referenced in Genesis 6:1-6, as they're half-angel, half-human.
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