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This article is non-canon to Dark Infinity, but will be left up to preserve history.

This is a page explaining Psionic Aptitudes in the Dark Infinity Realm, as it's extremely complex to learn even the basics, as the lives of certain people in the Dark Infinity Realm are dictated by what some consider superpowers and others consider gifts from God.

Source Of Psi[]

The source of Psi is aberrations within the genetic makeup of some people in the DIR due to an element named Nocturnum, specifically Nocturnum-99, the most chemically reactive form, which can cause someone to turn from Homo Sapiens to Nocte Sapiens, a subcategory of human still able to breed with Homo Sapiens, the only difference being that they have an incredible Psi ability (Average PSIQ for a Nocte Sapiens is 150, highly powerful) and they have a tapetum lucidum, which they use as most Nocte Sapiens are sensitive to UV radiation.

Psi Level[]

A Psionic Aptitude's Psi Level is the potency of the Psi Ability. A LVL I ability is less controllable and less powerful, which a LVL V ability is extremely controllable and strong.

LVL I - Extremely Limited[]

The ability is severely weak and hard to control to boot.

LVL II - Limited[]

The ability is moderately weak and is moderately hard to control.

LVL III - Moderate[]

The ability is moderately strong and is moderately easy to control.

LVL IV - Proficent[]

The ability is strong and easy to control.

LVL V - Maximum Proficiency[]

The ability is extremely strong and is incredibly easy to control.