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Madison's known for one thing among most kids in the small town of Powell: being the nice kid who constantly gets bullied and occasionally blows things up. Unfortunately for Madison, this reputation for occasionally causing trouble leads her to have more trouble and fewer friends than one might expect of her, giving her a pretty bad life most of the time.

Looks Edit

Madison has waist-length black hair that she usually wears in braided dreadlocks, dark brown skin, and black eyes. She usually wears either a school uniform-type outfit (consisting of a white blouse, black skirt, white socks, and non-descript black shoes), or a more casual outfit (usually consisting of a T-shirt, sweatpants, socks, and sneakers, entirely in black, white, or gray). She also wears contact lenses to counteract negative effects of a condition of hers called achromatopsia, having been bullied over wearing glasses previously to the point of not wanting to have to deal with them any longer.

Personality Edit

In Madison's normal state, she is reasonably positive and tries to be kind and helpful, wanting to assist with others' problems. However, she is extremely insecure, leading her to often be bullied by others, which then places her into a state where she feels depressed and useless, a state that often continues for hours after an episode of bullying and frequently only stops when her older brother, Aiden, calms her down and cheers her up. In rare cases where her depressed state doesn't stop fast enough before another episode of bullying starts or if the people harassing her are too relentless, she enters a third state, where she loses control over her emotions and is prone to becoming incredibly unhappy and/or angry, also unconsciously triggering her psionic powers at random, which then leads to problems for all involved.

Strengths and Powers Edit

As mentioned above, Madison has powerful psionic abilities; however, the one use that she's usually seen using them for is to make others see shadowy apparitions that don't exist, and she almost never intentionally taps into her psionic powers, so their usage is usually limited to unconscious usage in fits of extreme emotion. Aside from her psionic abilities, she has no particular superpowers or non-powered strengths, making her about average in most circumstances.

Fun Facts Edit

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