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Earth (Continuum 1) is Earth, but with people having crazy superpowers. In this universe, Technetium has strange properties, which gave it a different name... Nocturnum. This element combined with some people's superpowers would jack up their superpowers to crazy levels.

Important Locales Edit

Quiet Mountain Edit

Quiet Mountain is a place known for its serenity and calmness, somewhere in the Plateau of North Carolina. The townsfolk are mostly superpowered, from fire, ice, wind, lightning, light, mind control, and super strength, all the way to shields, spacetime manipulation, sonar, vitality absorption, and turning into things. No crime ever happens due to the superpowers of the people there. Would you attempt to steal from an old woman that can roast you alive, a little kid that can punch a hole through your head with ice, or a teenager that can control your mind and make you stab yourself with your own knife through the head?

The Districts are named as such: Southern Castonia, Northern Castonia, Old Nightwood, New Nightwood, Raines.

Hope Gardens Edit

The Hope Gardens are sprawling public gardens placed in Southern Castonia and New Nightwood in 1945 to curb starvation among the homeless and poverty-stricken to help them reincorporate into society, and was to be destroyed after 10 years. 10 years passed, but the new governor, Rep. Joseph Milla, a lover of greenery, shot down the destruction of the garden due to the garden helping homelessness and poverty to go down as the homeless and the poverty-stricken were helped tremendously by the clean water and food that the gardens provided.

The Hope Gardens were also where William Red asked Sophia out.

History Edit

In the beginning... there was only darkness. Nothing existed. Nothing at all.

And then, a voice from the darkness commanded it to go!

"Let there be light!"

And it was so. The primordial darkness parted and gave way to the light of existence. No longer was the universe nothing. And so, this voice went to work on creating life on our blue marble. But there was a change once we sinned. The voice hid away humanity's ability to create fire, ice,

I'll finish when I have time...

Inhabitants Edit

William Red

Maria Red

Jason Red III

Elias Red

Sophia Matteo-Dawn

Samuel Matteo

Natalie Dawn

Derrick "Bloodface" Dahan

The Wanderer


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