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"Welcome to the Dimensional Stock Exchange. All use of non-natural abilities is prohibited unless you are carrying cargo or are using it to manage a disability of some kind. Thank you for your cooperation, it is necessary to keep trade going for the citizens of your home realm to get things not otherwise present there."

Short Overview[edit | edit source]

The Dimensional Stock Exchange (or the Dimensional Trade Realm) is a realm where all realms in the InterRealm Trade Committee trade exports, imports, and stocks of companies. The main building is owned and governed by the Trade Allegiance, which is hell-bent on quality of trade and workplace safety out of fulfilling shipments, while the Realm docking stations are controlled by the Realm that is using those docking stations.

The shape is a square 60 km in size, with Realms that trade there being connected to the DSE through Corridors that only open using special energy cells attached to the method of transportation used to get to the DSE.

General Areas[edit | edit source]

Main Building[edit | edit source]

Realm Docking Stations[edit | edit source]

Trade Allegiance[edit | edit source]

Leaders[edit | edit source]

The Trade Allegiance is led by councils of 20 and led by a Council Supervisor, each council representing the wishes of each realm in the InterRealm Trade Committee.

Dark Infinity Realm[edit | edit source]

The Council Supervisor of the Dark Infinity Realm is a Canadian-American stockbroker named John Netts IX, a negotiator that is considered a moderate-conservative, usually seen with a custom-made tie with the words, "I ❤ InterRealm Committee Members!" as a sign of tolerance of his fellow councils.

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