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The Dark Infinity Realm is where William Eunice Lugo-Cavalero and many others, some good and some evil, lie. The evil sleeps in darkness, waiting for the light to awaken it, and the good lies in light, waiting for the creep of darkness to attempt assimilation of people. The demons beneath the surface torture souls of darkness, while the righteous believers go to heaven after they repay their worldly debts.

General Overview[]

City Area (Or Neo-Trinity)[]

The realm's city area is the size of High Point and has the same population density as that city. It is home to Interdimensional Rifts, rifts in the realm that gives access to its many sub-realms, along with Interdimensional Fabricators. The main city is identical to Trinity, NC and the areas surrounding it are the sub-cities and the factories, including the Market area of High Point, the rural areas of Seagrove, a manufacturing plant used to provide drinks most North Carolinians take for granted, like Cheerwine, a Cherry Soda made during and after the equivalent of WWI in this realm, along with Pepsi products.

City Center[]

The center of Neo-Trinity is the most prosperous and the most politically entrenched. This is seen as one the best areas of this realm, as the rich and powerful are here, spending as they please.

The corridor to the Dimensional Stock Exchange is directly connected above the City Center, which has sent unwanted travelers into this heavily guarded area from other places. These strangers are usually investigated and usually can meet very bad fates if

Residents of The City Center[]

Add anyone you want as long as they're rich and powerful. You don't have to ask to add anyone here.

The City[]

The City is basically where most of the populace lives.

Residents Of The City Center[]

Add anyone you want to. You don't have to ask to add anyone here.


A metalworking station powered by the intense geothermal processes due to the suffering of the damned named the Hellfire forge recycles any metals used by people, and traders from lands very far away give items like Nocturnum, a mineral used to amplify psionic, supernatural, and psychic abilities, along with Cerebrium, the concentrated form of human creativity, harvested in its dispersed form from the joy of children by giving them things that make them happy and then collecting the psychic energy they give off using a crystal ball like you use a condenser in a lab, the Cerebrium pooling on the sides of the crystal ball as a multi-colored liquid. Cerebrium can be used in Ceremods, which can copy and transplant skills, memories, and even PSI ability onto other people.

Nocte Sapiens (Sub-Species)[]

These mutated humans are extremely important to the gene pool of this realm, as their mutations allow access to Psionic and Psychic abilities. They are also much more predator-like in their appearance and their behavior, having a pupil like the in-between of a snake and a human, and the behavior of a more animalistic human, yet still able to be civil.

Sapiens Rex[]

This is the official scientific designation for what people call "Angels" which are humans that are superior to Homo Sapiens as they aren't corrupted. Usually they have traits not usual for humans, like super-strength, super-intellect, physical immortality (not mental, though)

Outer Area[]

Around the city are about 30 square km of parks, farms, and water sources. The weather is like the climate in NC, with hot summers and cold winters. Some parks contain vast gravesites, where the innocent and honorable dead lay without preservation, allowed to return to the ground, their corpses feeding the trees, as death in the Dark Infinity Realm is seen as fuel for the trees and a return to the ground God has given you.

Size And Shape[]

Dark Infinity Realm is about the size of High Point with 30 square km added (approximately 276 square kilometers), shaped like a circle with enough of a curve to simulate the horizon that the real-life city of High Point has.

It also has the anomalous property of having infinite sub-realms above and below the thin slice where DIR lays, the use of conventional travel, Dimensional Rifts, and Wormholes allowing access to other sub-realms, these infinite layers making the DIR seem like a sphere from how many sub-realms there are.

The core of the realm is where Hell lays, where the unholy are tormented for life, and the sky was where Heaven is, with the corridors usually giving a glimpse into Heaven when entered, as the Corridors go through it.


Before the existence of anything, be it time, light, darkness, good, evil, nature, there was God. He saw the nothingness that was and decided to create a grand experiment of creation. First he created light by speaking it into existence.

God spoke, "Let there be light." and there was light. It was very good.

He then separated the absence of light from the light, and he created darkness, the essence of nothingness. It too was very good, bringing balance to the overabundance of light.

God then declared the light "day" and the darkness "night" so it could have distinction. There was then evening and morning, and this would be the first day.

God then noticed that the new thing he created looked quite, uh, very flooded. He then created a firmament between the seas above and the seas below, so dry land could appear. This would be coined by the future inhabitants as the sky or Heaven for the more religious. The evening and morning would pass too, and this would be the second day.

The waters still covered this dry land, so he declared, "Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together into one place, and let the dry land appear." and the dry land did appear. The waters would coalesce into oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, you know the drill. Some would have a little salt added, because he could do it, he's God, after all.

God realized this firmament looked quite, uh, empty. Just a black sky with nothing to see, except those 8 other things in the sky he didn't have a hand in, as this was all of creation for him. He'd declare in a bout of boredom from seeing how plain and dull the sky looked, "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night and let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years, and let them be for lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light on the earth." and then boom, stars and seasons. There were equinoxes and solstices, stars sprinkled like confetti in the sky, and a happy God smiling like he just did something cool to impress his army of loyal angels, cherubs, and seraphim.

He then took billions of years creating aquatic life, with the tiny specks of extremophile Archaea he placed to test if something could live in the Hadean hellscape of the young Realm's oceans evolving into the sea creatures of the Ordovician. his obsessive work leading to extinction events sometimes. God sometimes wanted to clear the space to give room to his new creations, as the Realm is not infinite, yet. He gave these creatures the blessing of reproduction, telling them to be fruitful and multiply as long as they existed. This would be the fourth day of creation, even if hundreds of billions of evenings and mornings would pass.

God noticed the land was quite a boring, uninteresting shade of brown. He then made plants after working up from cyanobacteria to make this uninteresting, boring, dead land into something that could pass as something pretty. From the sporangium-producing proto-fungi in the Silurian period to the modern-day apples, oranges, morels, death caps, and whatever in God's name is the completely unfunny vomit joke of a fruit produced by Morinda citrifolia along with the very malicious fuckery of putting phytohemagglutinin in Phaselous vulgaris. Aside from those two nanoscopically slight digressions, his work was as diligent and full of perfection as with his work with evolving Archaea. This would be the fourth day of creation, as his work was yet to be completed.

He then also began tireless work on the earth once more, from the first land-dwelling mollusks in the Silurian Period to dinosaurs, declaring, "Let the earth bring forth the living creature according to its kind: cattle and creeping thing and beast of the earth, each according to its kind." as his work on both land and sea spanned periods over periods, each extinction event clearing way for the new.

He then declared, "See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food. Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food." to give the message that these plants are his gifts to these creatures that crawl, that step, that fly, that hover, that float, that hop, you get it. He said that these fruits are his gifts caused by his labor for all to hear from all time. This would be the fifth day of creation.

Then he had an idea. His smile became a scheming grin, like he was planning something absolutely marvelous. He grabbed a little bit of clay, and then used the template of ancient hominid DNA to then create the DNA of this new thing he was working on. His angels would be quite curious on what Mr. Elohim was creating, which while he was open about it, his work was much more focused on perfecting this apex creature than anything else.

He'd take millions of years to create this apex of a creature, this shining beacon of intellect, able to speak words to exalt his grace and pray for his strength he gives willingly. First he'd color the clay according to its function, be it blood vessels, myelin, muscles, you get the drill, and then he'd shape the body with nanoscopic precision, hands more still than a undisturbed puddle. As his work would complete, he'd then realize he'd need something for this creature to reproduce, which then the organs meant for producing gametes would come to play. He'd finish his work, and all of a sudden, he'd catch a little pollen from a pine tree, and then sneeze all over the clay figure!

He'd blow his nose with a handkerchief made from a cloud, and notice that this sneeze carried along his essence. He'd watch as the thing made of clay began to show life as the colored clay became organs, blood, sweat, tears, mucus, nerves, and so forth. A soul would form from the essence of this sneeze, it'd float above this man like an ethereal sphere, before fusing into it, giving it a soul it could carry into heaven after its death, if it could die. God would be full of glee. But he'd have to warn him about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the fruit placed as a test to see if man could resist such forbidden fruit.

He'd go down to Adam, this apex creature, and give him a simple command, "Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die." before pointing to said tree and shaking his head.

Adam would feel quite lonely as God took a nice nap after six days of creation, creating all of this existence would be quite tiresome to even God himself. But then he'd wake up mid-nap realizing Adam didn't have a helper comparable to him. He'd look and look, only dogs being the closest things to helpers God could give, and even then, they were not enough.

So while Adam was sleeping, he'd take out one of Adam's ribs and then make something comparable to him, and God made sure it was also something he'd go to town with because he didn't want Adam's kind to go extinct. Adam would wake up the next day with this beautiful person right next to him, and his mouth was agape at seeing this beautiful person, decided to call it "woman" because it came from a man. They'd bear 2 children before they were corrupted by sin, this wouldn't be mentioned in the Bible, but this would birth a kind of human called Sapiens Rex, the superior human, what God envisioned, but it wouldn't last as temptation would take both man and woman. Two uncorrupted children, both a man and a woman too, ran off into the wilderness to hide from the wrath of God. Their uncorrupted bloodline would be corrupted with the blood of sinners in 3000 B.C., with half-breeds known to lift heavy and be of great power in their community.

Skip after the fall of man, Moses, David, the first coming of Christ, most of regular modern history and we get to the date of October 28th, 1943.

The Great Breaking[]

This event would mark the end of DIR as just an Earth-like dimension and bring on the sub-realm property of DIR. The Philadelphia Experiment would commence, causing a Dimensional Rift to open in the USS Eldridge at the coast of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in an attempt to cloak said ship from enemy detection. Philadelphia would be consumed as reality began to split into infinite sub-realms, turning the original Philadelphia into a wasteland called Ground Zero, where it all began. Most inhabitants wouldn't notice the tearing of their world, even becoming used to traveling to places instantly. Corridors would open across the Realm to allow travel to other realms as the realm used to be disconnected to others before this.

The Great Breaking would also cause Nocte Sapiens to exist, as Technetium in some sub-realms would be transformed into Nocturnum. Nocturnum and Technetium are mutually exclusive elements, one cannot exist with another present. People would begin to change into more animalistic versions of themselves as the Nocturnum radiation would begin to make their ids more powerful than their superegos.

Nocturnum Shift[]

An accidental firing of the Dark Energy Array in what should've been Arecibo would cause about 70% of the sub-realms and the main realm to harbor Nocturnum. This would cause people to develop psionic powers all around DIR's infinite expanse.

This would lead into the present day, into when William was born, about January 16th, 2004. I do not need to keep explaining. Now it is William's story.

Magic System[]

There are four types of magic.


This is the most basic and the one most connected to evil, as it requires one to submit their soul to damnation. Once they bind themselves to darkness, they are free to use witchcraft, which requires blood or torment of some kind. "Pure" animals, usually domesticated pet animals, are usually syringed for their blood to be used for rituals as a way to gain power in the magical realm.


Psionic abilities are neither good nor evil. They are simply the ability to manipulate the physical world with the mind alone, but they're not perceptible without a psionic adjuvant, like a bracelet of Nocturnum crystals, which then allow the individual to manipulate matter, harness energy, or simply manipulate the air to create soundwaves as a way of remotely communicating. Some are so strong of the mind, they can snap someone's entire body in half like a twig from how strong their telekinesis is and heat up fire into plasma as a shield, but these psionic power users are usually helping in carrying shipments to and from the Dimensional Stock Exchange and defending the Mayor as High Psionic Guardians, able to shred someone's guts if they're angered.


Supernatural abilities come exclusively from faith. Their powers depend based on their religion and their level of commitment but are hindered by extremism, lack of faith, or going against what their religion teaches, for example, Christians have access to second sight and are the only ones able to break a magic user's bond to darkness, as they are the only ones given access to Heaven.

This kind of power can be affected by the morality of a faithful person, as the more immoral or extreme they become, the more self-destructive their powers can be. An extremist calling upon the power of their god or God himself can lead to retribution that is both physically and mentally excruciating, usually stricken with a severely painful migraine, along with shame, guilt, and anxiety equivalent to having a billion people mock and belittle you for dropping a pencil.


Psychic is simply the manipulation of the mental realm using one's mind. A powerful psychic can read minds, rebalance the chemicals in one's brain to cure mental illnesses like depression, sense when someone is about to go into a seizure, and can add, copy, or "delete" memories. They also can mess someone's mind up and traumatize someone with fake memories or even mind-control them to use them for their own purposes, which Psy-Ops detect and then cause the psychic in question to go into catatonia (the only way a psychic can be nullified safely, a psychic going into a seizure is dangerous).


William Eunice Lugo-Cavalero, a white Puerto Rican that came from the sub-realm of Caribbean Paradise, an alternate version of Puerto Rico where its removal of tax exemption never happened and its industries boomed. His parents were Gabriella Lugo and Jorge Cavalero, both from the Caribbean Paradise sub-realm.

Sophia Matteo-Dawn, a Hispanic girl mixed with Western European, hails from the sub-realm known as Die Stadt, a copy of Berlin resembling that of Wolfenstein: The New Order but without the Nazi presence. One of her parents come from the Caribbean Paradise sub-realm, specifically what would be San Juan in our world.

Psionic Guardian John "Azrael" Hendricks, an American with so much psionic power, he was said to be Death Incarnate. He comes from the sub-realm of Neo-Tallahassee, a much more futuristic version of the capital of Florida.

Fun Facts[]

  • Phaselous vulgaris is the scientific name for the common bean or French bean.
  • Phytohemagglutinin is a lectin that causes the blood to agglutinize, or simply, it causes the blood to clump.
  • Morinda citrifolia is the name for the plant that produces the cheese fruit, something said to smell strongly of vomit, so disgusting that it's only eaten in desperation, especially in famines.
  • Yes, I have directly taken verses from Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 as God in DIR is my spin on the Christian God, but the Bible in DIR is the exact same as the one in real life, but I added some details not seen in the Bible to not make a huge chunk of the History tab a rehash of Genesis.