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This article is non-canon to Dark Infinity, but will be left up to preserve history.

This article is rated G+ for Light Depressive Themes, Light Horror Themes, and Mention of Substances.

While William was out and about in the park, a child would approach him. This child was quite inquisitive about something personal to it. The question would be fit for a confused teenager, not for a young child worrying about their turn on the console.

He'd ask William, "What's God?" surprising William.

William would think about this, ponder on it. God is infinite, omnibenevolent, omnipotent, and omnipresent. But what else? WHAT ELSE?!

He'd try to wrap his brain around this question. This question would overcome his mind, yet he had no answer. A mortal cannot answer this question, but it'd shake his faith that he couldn't.

William would respond in the best way he could, "God? Aside from being all-good, all-powerful, and everywhere, I don't know. It's a question only God can answer. Ask him in your prayers. Maybe he'll give you an answer, young boy, because I don't know." before the young child would look all disappointed.

The young boy would then ask what to say, "What do I say in my prayers, sir, because I don't know." before William would respond.

William would be brief about what to say, "Just ask while you're praying, that's it. I can't talk as I have to go home. Look, the sun's barely up and I need to get my medication!" before walking off to get to his house about 10 minutes away from the park.

This question would make his brain work overtime, doubt rooting itself in his mind. This was such a small thing yet it shook him. How could he so weak?

This would harbor self-hate in him. He'd feel it as it consumed and destroyed, with most of his mind aside from his self-preservation and his will to live eaten. He'd feel hollow, cold, and empty. This was a time of tribulation.

God, watching from the heavens, would summon one of his angels, "Abijah, Father needs you. Come here, please." and the angel would begin to bow down.

It'd ask what God desired from him, "What is it you desire, my Holiness?" before receiving instructions from God.

God would tell the angel what to do, "Take this to a specific boy who lives near the park in Waterside. We have a job to do and that's saving this boy's faith. I shall test his resilience against this evil rooting itself in him. Once, he was addicted to dark substances, and now this evil forms itself as fleshy destruction consuming him! GO!" before the angel would take the sphere and then fly down.

The angel's presence would cause a chaotic thunderstorm as William would sleep. It'd phase through a cracked window, which then the light would seep. William would have a trip through his wonderland to defeat this evil, with aid from the dove.