he Forge Of Anger would be a trial. Steel robots able to destroy and infect would prove to be a challenge to even the upgraded Psibreaker. Two slashes are too many when it comes to an army.

He'd then meet his id. William would then come face to face with someone that looked exactly like him but with an animalistic twist.

Malkos would be shrouded in darkness. His irises would be blood red, his pupils constantly dilated. His teeth would be made of fangs, like dog's teeth. He'd twist his neck 180 degrees, like an owl, to face William. He'd smile wickedly and begin to laugh quietly, this little laugh growing into an insane cackle.

Malkos would then speak with a raspy, unhinged tone of voice to William and the dove, "I'm only with you two to live. Your death would mean mine too, and I don't plan on that. William, I wish I could be not of the flesh, but carnal, baseline desires are what I represent. From basic needs like food and breathing to other more amorous desires, I control all that.

You've been depriving me of spice and I'm not too happy. Where's the satisfaction that isn't baseline? Making you breathe, eat, wake up, drink, and whatever else is so boring and bland, like someone eating white rice like how gringos make it, without any damn seasoning! Come on, man, you've got to give me some fucking seasoning on the food that I'm given. I get that you have morals and shit, but maybe... you should drop those morals for once in your life to add some spice, some flavor." before Malkos would then run off into the Furnace Room.

The Furnace Room would be on overdrive. The corruption would farm the rage inside innocents as if they were cattle to be slaughtered for their meat. Screaming and the ticking gears of a remorseless mechanism would be the only noises here, with the group's voices deafened by such cacophony.

A group of machines, with the bodies of those infected, would spot them. This group of 10 would conglomerate into 100, then into 1,000, then into their entire battalion of 10,345. They'd flood in, with William and Malkos unable to fight them off.

The dove would realize this is too much for William. Just before the horde of machines would overwhelm Malkos and William, it'd blow these machines up, each one exploding into a mess of gore and blood. These explosions would also damage the Furnace Room, disabling the manufacture of these robots. Quite the shock it would be when the robots would decide to explode for no reason.

The dove's might would confound William, "I see birdy has some serious power behind him. Those robots blew up like someone putting a frag grenade on a stove. That was fucking nuts, crazier than the time I saw someone snipe a deer about a mile away, and I don't even hunt. Alright, I think no more of those robots are coming, so we need to head out. LET'S GO!" before William would notice a figure in the corner of his eye.

It would be Odio Se's General, a man so twisted he belongs as a demon in the fiery pits of hell. He'd slowly turn to face the group, with each word coming out sounding like his throat consisted of necrotic flesh. His face would look half-bone as if he was in the last stages of advanced decay, with eyes too fresh for such a rotten corpse. His body would be half-skeleton, half-decayed tissue, with his skin green and flies flying around him. His clothes would look like that of a US army marshal, something he'd see at school trying to recruit the rock-head footballers with promises of free college and free healthcare. What an abomination.

He'd slowly approach the group with a threat, inching closer with each word as if he was trying to intimidate them, "I've heard things about you three. The dove has kept our forceful takeover of what rightfully belongs to us from fulfilling. Our attempted demoralization of the citizens here through turning some of them into our pawns has failed, as you fuckers gave them hope. We don't need them to have hope, for fuck's sake." before backing up.

The dove would again upgrade his Psibreaker, and William would draw it out, with the purple glow of the Psibreaker now a white hue. Odio Se's General would look easy to defeat. A rotten body isn't hard to cut through.

But it'd be shocking that this newly upgraded Psibreaker would leave only a cut on the General. You'd think a body that's falling apart would be simple to cut through, right?

The General would laugh before saying why he was so durable, "See, I'm quite the durable bastard for a rotten corpse. My body may be putrefied and decayed, but my spirit forever lingers. You may find a way to wreck my body, William, but my soul, it lives. My body will forever find a way to come back to life as long as my spirit sticks around, and I am not so easily crushed by a sword. Come on, now, let's spar. Let the General show his authority against a non-compliant teen." before charging at William.

William would parry the General's charge and knock him back before a standoff of blades would happen. William's Psibreaker against the General's saber, a clash of steel and psionic power ensuing as they both tried to cut at each other's wills. Their power would equal and their prowess with blades as well, the General unable to break William's iron-clad guard and William unable to take down a foe with a soul invincible.

The putrid corpse would then show signs of frustration, "I fucking had it. Your guard is iron-clad, like that of a bull. I can't get a single damn hit in, so you leave me with no choice." before revealing a device that would allow him to teleport around.

The General would then begin to teleport around to try and catch William off-guard. William would quickly adapt, the sharp ping that the General's teleporting would make nullifying any advantage such a dirty tactic would give. Blocking his slashes with the Shield Of Wisdom and slashing at the General, this fight would be one of attrition.

As the slashes would begin to mount, the General would only grow more and more desperate, but he couldn't get a blow in, not even a slight scratch. The Shield would prove to be impenetrable against a saber made of steel, proving to be a useful tool against the Leviathan, and it wasn't going to be broken by an insignificant blade.

William would comment about the dirtiness of teleporting around, "For a professional like you, I'd think such dirty tactics would be above you. What a shame such an intelligent man would resort to tactics that only a desperate idiot would use. Too bad I'm going to fuck you up anyway, asshole." before landing a blow that would wreck the General.

The General would then fall to the ground, the bodies of the mutants inside of the robots slain piling beneath him. He'd absorb these bodies, slowly gaining mass with each body incorporated into his being. William would look upon the General as he'd turn into a monster, with his features slowly disappearing.

He'd begin to monologue as he'd grow in size, "William, you may have struck a devastating blow upon me, and I commend you on that. Here's the thing, you cannot break my soul. My soul is like a fire, burning hellishly in the face of your attempts to put it out. Your soul is weak like frozen glass, though. I could shatter your soul into pieces as quickly as you landed that blow that would've struck me down. A fool like you cannot comprehend the power I have over this hellhole, and I will make sure when I am done with you, you will lose yourself in the fleshy mass of self-hatred, which will blind you from God's light and Satan shall have dominion over your heart. You will be cast into the lake of fire like your father will be lest he repents for his sin of adultery with how your mother fornicated with him. You were the result of a sinful act, William. You were not planned, you misbegotten child. You torture others with how much you need, how much you take, and then you have the audacity, the gall, the entitlement not to give back. William, this is the end of you. If I do not kill you, my leader will." causing William to lock up, his past insecurities dug up like a carrot ready to be picked.

The General would then drive a fragment of a femur through William's chest, and he'd bleed out. William would try to cling to life as the blood would seep out, but he couldn't. Malkos would try to revive him, but the General would laugh at the futile attempts of resurrection. He'd let Malkos panic and freak out at the death of William.

Malkos would try and wake William up, "William, wake up! Wake up, please. I don't want to die too, I'm scared. Please. Wake up... w-wake... up... please... I don't want to die. Please. I... can't... please don't kill me, I'll do anything, please. I don't..." before he'd begin to panic and break down, slowly dying.

Then the dove would fuse into William's dead body. His eyes would open, glowing a holy white as the life in him would begin to be restored and the light of God would overcome him. He'd breathe in deeply as the hole in his chest would heal over and his heart would begin to beat again. His old ego is no more.

William's voice would be in tandem with another, synchronous with a voice of pure authority. Malkos would jump in joy seeing William with new life. The General's now Leviathan-like form would then quiver and tremble in fear seeing William in this way, knowing that he'd have to surrender or die.

The General, now a mass of flesh, would revert to his former form and surrender, his rotten appearance fading into the typical form of a soldier. His humanity would be restored. He'd bow down to William and declare him the rightful ruler of his imagination. Odio Se's military would also have their humanity restored in the wake of the General's surrender to William.

William's voice would be one with another's voice, booming and authoritative, wouldn't be so merciful, "You. Are. UNWORTHY!" before executing the General by slicing him in half horizontally, bisecting his abdomen from his waist.

The General would then come to terms with his incoming death, "I deserved this. I should've thought twice and surrendered to you before you were resurrected by the power of this mysterious entity. But you have me to thank for your immense increase in power. Lead my armies. I bestow upon you the might to lead." before William would finish the job, forcing his blade through the General's cranium, killing him.

William would reply with a cold response, "Why do I need your might when I am one with infinite might?" before unequipping his Psibreaker.

Malkos would be hungry, looking at the General's freshly killed corpse, "I'm hungry... Fresh meat?" before William would respond.

William would allow it, "Eat. Better fresh than a pile of rotten, putrefied meat, right?" before Malkos would eat the fresh meat.

Malkos would eat this meat as if he was a wild animal. The only thing left of the General would be a skeleton picked clean and some blood on the floor after Malkos would ravage and consume. His belly would fill once he'd picked the last bite of flesh off the corpse.

And so William would wake up, with a killer pain in his chest. He'd feel... different. Something changed in him and he couldn't point at what it was. Hm... That's weird.

As if fate was about to turn, a girl who William had a crush on would end up approaching him to ask him to be her friend. She'd ask for his name, he'd say it was William. He'd ask for her name, she'd say it was Sophia.

Sophia and William would then start a friendship. It was nothing special, just them being friends, but it was better than being rejected or ignored, William thought. He was unaware of what she was hiding beneath the surface.

She was desperate for some romantic touch because she was insecure over not having a significant other. She saw William as an opportunity to change that, as she thought only a single kiss would relieve her of her insecurities over being deprived of romance. A slight smile would then form on her face as she fantasized about her and William falling head-over-heels for each other. It even got to the point she fantasized about getting married to him, planting seeds of temptation in her heart.

But she knew that if she dared to take advantage of William's infatuation of her, she could get that single kiss out of him. Temptation loomed over her constantly, like smog over her superego. But she resisted, terrified that a swift judgment from his quite paranoid and overprotective mother result.

Sophia would then be a friend that obsessed, focusing only on him, no one else. This would damage her friendship with Alexis, but not break it, Alexis knowing she's desperate and she'd snap out of it once she got her kiss. Alexis' own experiences with romantic desperation disillusioned her to the belief of love at first kiss, knowing love isn't an instant thing. She'd fall in love but then she'd have the relationship break, Alexis thought in the moment.

He'd then have normal dreams from September 23rd until October 10th, in which his motivation for the final battle in his head was off the charts.

He'd be at the Castle Of Annihilation, destroyed by Odio Se's power. The world would be collapsing, with scattered survivors. The sky would be blood red as the end was nigh, Odio Se beginning to devour everything in a desperate attempt to defeat William's new ego.

Well, let's see if Odio Se can compete against the power of God.

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