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Within Team Chill—or possibly within Powell in general—Alex is largely known as the one who comes up with ideas twice as fast as everyone else and talks one-quarter as much as the others. That said, Alex has much more of an internal life than most people see. Oh, and she can manipulate time.

Looks Edit

Alex has straight brown hair that she usually keeps in a ponytail, sandy brown skin, and black eyes. She usually wears T-shirts with pockets and variable length sleeves (depending on the weather), cargo pants, socks, and sneakers, usually all in some shade of blue or green. She also sometimes wears a bright blue hoodie over her T-shirt, especially in cooler weather. She is fairly tall, measuring about 5'8", but is very slender for her height.

Personality Edit

Alex is quiet and slow to show emotion; she feels emotions as fast as anyone else, but rarely changes her facial expression beyond a neutral expression or a small smile or lets what people say affect her actions. Alex's apparently complete imperviousness (and partial actual imperviousness) to negativity makes her a role model to some others, particularly to Aiden's younger sister, Madison; however, Alex never has any idea why, due to the fact that Alex doesn't feel completely immune to pain and just masks her own emotions because she thinks that acting on them causes trouble. (This self-restraint is, in fact, largely what makes her seem like a role model, but Alex doesn't understand this.)

Another important facet of Alex's personality is that she's constantly thinking about whatever's going on and trying to figure out what might need to be done in any given case, leading her to frequently create useful plans for whatever group she's with. While generally fairly agreeable and not pushy with her plans, she often winds up directing the group regardless due to her quick thinking. This also helps her to make conversation when doing so is required.

Strengths and Powers Edit

Aside from her quick-thinking and planning skills (which aren't exactly superpowers per se), Alex's main superpower is the ability to slow down time in a small area, usually around herself or an ally (for protection) or around someone causing trouble (to make it harder for them to react usefully). As a fairly all-purpose power, this generally assists Alex's personal skills and allows her to extend them to others in a certain sense by giving them more time.

Fun Facts Edit

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